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NP Arts Fiesta

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Arts fiesta started in 2011 to promote cultural diversity and vibrancy in NP. Organized by the NP Student Development Office, Arts Fiesta inspires students to discover their potential, showcase their talents and partner with professionals of the local Arts scene. Each year, ticket sales go towards supporting the NP Student Aid Fund to help our students in need. NP Arts Fiesta 2019 has raised over $65,000 to provide relief to the disadvantaged students in NP. This year, NP Arts Fiesta is free and will be assisting to raise funds for our students who are affected by the pandemic.

Scan the QR Code and donate now! Your contribution makes a difference for them.

Student Aid QR Support the NP Covid-19 fund.

NP Arts Fiesta Photography Competition

Follow #NPArtsFiesta on Instagram. Post a photo on Instagram on what HOME means to you. Tag #NPArtsFiesta2021 to your post. The 3 most creative posts will receive prizes!

NP Arts Fiesta Photography Competition is only open to staff and current students of Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Watch all performances here

Voices Show Choir Poster

Evolution: One (23 April 2021, 7.00pm)

The Online Showcase is a series of pre-recorded performances channelled from our home to yours. With the theme “Through The Decades”, we will be performing songs from the 1980s to 2010s so enjoy this concert with your family at home as there will definitely be something for everyone. The word ”Evolution" was chosen as the name of this production, not only because we are going to be showcasing the evolution of music throughout the decades, but also our evolution as a CCA as a whole. "One" was chosen as the subtitle, as this might be a one-off online concert due to current circumstances. However, it won't stop us from making "Evolution: Two", if need be. In preparation for this concert, our members took on the challenge to practise and improve ourselves at home through our online practices. This concert is, hence, an outlet for us to showcase the fruits of our labour, as well as our versatility in singing songs from different time periods. Voices Show Choir has always wowed audiences on stage live with our annual end-of-year concert with Voices Academy, "Prelude”. Therefore, we hope that these performances will be able to give you an experience of a live concert in the comfort of your home.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Click here to watch performance

Song Composing Club Poster

Season of Nostalgia (28 April 2021, 7.00pm)

NP Amplify's Arts Fiesta performance is titled Season of Nostalgia! It's an ode to our how CCA was pre-covid. Because of Covid-19, there has not been many live band concerts. Our ArtsFiesta hopes to inspire a feeling of being home, not only because it's an online concert, but also by feeling the bond of NP Amplify when all members and alumni come together as one, although physically separated, to enjoy good music. With Seasons of Nolstalgia, we want to bring comfort and familiarity - like the feeling of coming home, to everyone who watches the concert. We'll be rounding up 11 bands who will perform old hits and hopefully bring a feeling of nostalgia to you! This online concert is one of a kind as the bands get to expand their creativity in the presentation of their performances through their video and audio editing. All members of the CCA will be coming together to support the bands as if the performance is happening in front of us.

Duration: 2 Hours

Click here to watch performance

String Ensemble (bowed) Poster

Beholder's Beauty (1 May 2021, 5.00pm)

Inspired by a well-known quote: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", our Concert is themed Home: Beholder’s Beauty. NPStrings (String Ensemble) aspires to explore different perceptions of beauty, even as we journey through this period where everyone is encouraged to stay Home. We hope to encourage our audience, that in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is still possible to be brought on a musical journey of rediscovering how people can have varying tastes in music from the comforts of Home! Genres explored include Classical, Pop, Disney soundtracks and more.

Duration: 1 Hour

Click here to watch performance

NP Strings (Guitar) - Part 1 Poster

Hidden Beauty (Part 1) (8 May 2021, 5.00pm)

The theme for our club's Arts Fiesta performance this year is “Hidden beauty”. This term signifies that one must take the time and discover the oblivious beauty in all the chaos and stress in life. Many times, we only see things from the surface and fail to realise that there are positive traits deep down that we may have missed out. Everyone and everything possesses something beautiful for us to discover and appreciate. Through this performance, we hope the audience will be able to understand and accept others who are special with an open heart. Our recorded performance will consist of music from different genres such as Pop, Reggaeton and Psy-trance, which would allow the audience to enjoy a diverse range of music at their own convenience.

Duration: 20 Minutes

Click here to watch “Despacito”

Click here to watch “This Is Me”

Click here to watch “Dance Monkey”

Click here to watch “He’s A Pirate”

Click here to watch “Beauty & The Beast”

NP Strings (Guitar) - Part 2 Poster

Redamancy: Encounter with Love (Part 2) (8 May 2021, 7.00pm)

The theme “Redamancy: Encounter with Love” shows the multifaceted nature of love. From familial love to romantic love, all of them encompasses the common desire to form relationships with others. Many times, we take for granted the love others give to us and fail to see the weight and meaning behind other people’s actions.Love is an intense feeling of deep affection and it is something that most people pursue in life. People want to be loved, whether it comes from their family, friends or other half. In such a chaotic time, we may not appreciate the small acts of love others give to us. Through our selection of songs, we hope to allow our audience to relax and appreciate those around them, be it their friends, families or significant other. This would allow the audience to reflect about the actions of others and the small acts of love they have given.Through this performance, we hope to showcase the passion and love we have for guitar to our audience and make them feel the meaning behind “Love” in the different forms. While listening to our music, the audience would be able to feel and appreciate the meaning behind each performance and learn to appreciate, show care and concern to their loved ones as well as discover the love around them.

Duration: 20 Minutes

Click here to watch “Our Eternity(僕らの永遠)”

Click here to watch “相信爱(Always Believe in Love)”

Click here to watch “Masquerade Suite”

Click here to watch “English Medley”

Chinese Orchestra Club Poster

《鸣琴》, Rhapsody Part 1 (8 May 2021, 8.00pm)
《鸣琴》, Rhapsody Part 2 (15 May 2021, 8.00pm)

The theme for our Arts Fiesta performance this year is “《鸣琴》, Rhapsody”. The term “鸣琴” denotes the melodious melody and sounds produced from instruments, while the term “Rhapsody” embodies how music has no fixed structure, while being able to reveal and exhibit powerful feelings within the pieces played. Hence, “《鸣琴》, Rhapsody” has been derived to express the beauty, and essence of music by Chinese instruments. As sectional pieces make up the majority of the concert, we hope to also showcase each section’s unique colour and versatility in playing music of various genres. Through playing both modern pop as well as traditional pieces, we hope to dismiss the common misconception that Chinese orchestras can only produce traditional Chinese music. By changing such mindsets, we would enable a wider audience to appreciate and enjoy songs played by Chinese orchestras. Due to safe distancing measures, Ngee Ann Chinese Orchestra will not be able to hold a physical concert this year, and will be conducting Arts Fiesta 2021 online instead. The performances will be pre-recorded, and broadcasted on YouTube. Although this practice is very different compared to past years, we hope that our audience will still be able to appreciate our performances the same, all the more from the comfort of their homes.

Duration: 1 Hour

Click here to watch 鸣琴 Rhapsody Part 1

Duration: 1 Hour

Click here to watch 鸣琴 Rhapsody Part 2

Klavierensemble Poster

Eúphōnos (21 May 2021, 6.00pm)

Klavierensemble presents Eúphōnos for Arts Fiesta 2021! “Eúphōnos” is derived from the Greek word for euphonious, which means "sweet-voiced" or “pleasing to the ear”. This concert will showcase a wide variation of notable pieces across several genres, all played breathtakingly by our passionate pianists, encompassing the definition of the word. Through every powerful or tender note, the pieces evoke wave after wave of pure emotion. This year is Piano Club’s first attempt to put on a pre-recorded live concert, as well as to put together two piano works performances. Amidst the global pandemic, Home-based learning was implemented to curtail the spread of Covid-19, and then set to be a regular part of schooling post Covid-19. The storyline of our concert revolves around the theme ‘At Home’, featuring a student viewing the livestream concert video in the comfort of her home, taking a break from her assignment. This is a situation that most viewers will be in. As we adjust and try to make peace with the pandemic’s ramifications, Piano Club will be bringing this concert to the home of our virtual audiences, to stream and enjoy from the safe confines of their home. To further compliment the theme of ‘At Home’, a playlist-styled YouTube overlay is implemented, serving as an invigorating and realistic design, as if the viewers are listening to a playlist of songs from the comfort of home. Join us in this musical ride to loosen yourself up after a long week, with not a care in the world except for the beautiful sounds and melodies!

Duration: 80 Minutes

Click here to watch performance

Voices A Capella Poster

Interlude (21 & 22 May 2021, 8pm)

Interlude is an e-production comprising A Cappella performances by NP Voices Academy (NPVA), in the form of a series of music videos, followed by a series of Director's Cuts for members to share their interpretation of the piece, and experience working on the project, all produced at home while observing COVID-19 social distancing rules. The inspiration for the name "Interlude" is from our annual concert for NP Voices, Prelude. "Interlude" signifies that this concert will be slightly different, and will be an "intermission" to our next Prelude concert. Through this concert, our members will showcase the variety of skills they have acquired over the past year. We hope to bring back the spirit of our annual performance, and not let COVID-19 hinder our ability to perform to an audience, as we can make an equally good production when we come together in our homes to perform for a virtual audience.

Duration: 1 Hour

Click here to watch Part 1 of the performance

Click here to watch Part 2 of the performance

D3 Contemporary Dance Poster

Resolute Online: Reconnect
(Open category winners - 22 April 2021, 8pm)
(Freshies category winners & video production award winner - 23 April 2021, 8.00pm)

Resolute is D3's annual internal dance competition where dancers explores their creativity and techniques as they compete against one another. In 2020, Resolute revamped to become an online solo dance competition known as Resolute Online: Reconnect, with the inclusion of the theme - Reconnect. May we present the top 3 dance items for both the freshies and open categories of the competition, as well as the item which took home our brand new video production award.

Ng Jun Yi (Open Cat champion):
Title: Build It Up

To me, this piece is about reconnecting to my own true self in the face of societal pressures & expectations.

We are constantly building ourselves based on what others say or do. Tricked into thinking that we must be "built" in a certain way that is acceptable to society.

But there's no perfect way to do anything, and we are in fact capable of tearing down and rebuilding ourselves in our own unique ways. Here’s to reconnecting with our true selves.

Duration: 2min

Click here to watch performance

James Wong (Open Cat 1st runner up):
Title: What is Growth?

and so I met
anguish reflected back
stopped at all juncture
shaped by onlookers

little do I know
amidst it I'm gone
Till I witness it
all seemingly late
Grasp every mistake
I've grown for my sake
Hindsight of memories

Duration: 4 Minutes

Click here to watch performance

Ellyn Goh (Open Cat 2nd runner up):
Title: Who Am I?

Who am I? I'm a daughter, sister, friend, student, dancer and leader. People tend to recognize me as these roles before getting to know the real me.

"You're a student, your job is to study. Remember to ALWAYS study hard.”

"You're the leader, you MUST set a good example for your members to follow.”

It's suffocating, to meet all these expectations. Desperate in trying to not lose myself, I try to break free from these expectations and find back my true self. One that is wild, loud and carefree. I urge people to reconnect to this side of me.

Duration: 3 Minutes

Click here to watch performance

Elyse Sng (Freshies Cat Champion):
Title: Ignite Again

This piece is about reconnecting with a passion which has been hidden in fear of judgement from others. It is about letting that flame burn both internally and outwardly, not caring what others would think and most importantly, letting the passion run free.

Duration: 2 Minutes

Click here to watch performance

Toh Shu Ting (Freshies Cat 1st runner up):
Title: We struggle, and we fight

This piece is about the exploration of one’s identity. In a world that people are seeking perfection, every person feels pressured to compete against one another. This takes the spark away from individuality, as many of us then give ourselves insufficient space to let our true emotions be heard by ourselves. We then seek greater comfort to stand by and fall in line, wrapped in the fear of making mistakes. In such a conflicting state, it’s a wonder if anyone can ever reconnect with their true self at the end of the day...

Duration: 3 Minutes

Click here to watch performance

Megan Nicole Yin (Freshies Cat 2nd Runner Up):
Title: Image

Trying to forget the toxicity of social media, the hours we individuals spend on it but it is hard to disconnect. The piece is a journey to reconnect with myself and my mental and body health and image.

Duration: 3 Minutes

Click here to watch performance

Shannon Ang En (Video Production Champion):
Title: Before You Go

There are a lot of things I regret doing in this life, however the biggest thing I regret was not knowing how a dear friend of mine was hurting underneath the hustle and bustle of life. Hence this piece is about how we should reconnect with friends before its too late so that we do not end up regretting losing a friend that meant so much.

Duration: 3 Minutes

Click here to watch performance

KCC Poster

Virtuality (25 April 2021, 7.00pm)

This year, Korean Cultural Club (KCC) will be hosting our first online livestream performance -- Virtuality. Virtuality is the quality of having the attributes of something without sharing its physical form. At the same time, it also means potentiality. KCC wishes to show our limitless potential through transcending our physical boundaries and limitations, hence our tagline - "Transcending Boundaries, Limitless Potential". This being our first online production, we want to step out of our comfort zone and showcase our members' limitless potential as well as an undying passion to the public. We aim to step away from our usual production format and incorporate something new and fresh, while ensuring that everyone will have an enjoyable time. In this performance, we would like to showcase how various Kpop dance concepts and genres could be beautiful from the comforts of people's homes.

Duration: 45 Minutes

Click here to watch performance

NPSilat Poster

Perspective (29 April 2021, 7.00pm)

This year, NPSilat will be putting up a show like no other considering it will be held virtually. In our performance, we aim to create an effect of depth and distance in a masterpiece by representing people and things that are far away as being smaller than those that are nearer to the front. In addition, what you will witness is a showcase of explosive and gentle Silat routines. Witness the segregation and have a chance at understanding who is right or who is wrong. Due to the current pandemic, this year’s Arts fiesta is a little different where audience will be watching it at home instead of watching it live. Despite not having all our members performing for such an event, we are however grateful to be able to perform with a few of us. This pandemic really teaches us the true meaning of having to adapt to changes and that is what we had to do with our performance. At the end of the day, it is all about perspectives.

Duration: 10 Minutes

Click here to watch performance

Dancesport Club Poster

Reminisce (1 May 2021, 8.00pm)

This performance is titled “Reminisce”, as we want our audience to indulge in the past recollection of their memories in the comfort of their homes. The dance production is about the passage of time and eras and the memories that each brings.

This performance is dedicated to Mr Clarence Ti, Principal of Ngee Ann Polytechnic, who will be leaving NP after 7 years of heartfelt service. Thank you Principal for your compassion, big-heartedness for the NP Fam, and your support for students’ holistic development. We will definitely cherish and reminisce the moments we shared. On behalf of the NP CCA clubs, we wish you all the best in your future endeavours! We hope you will enjoy this performance.

Duration: 45 Minutes

Click here to watch performance

Hip Hop Club Poster

#NRAcreates (2 May 2021, 6.00pm)

While we were confined to our homes, the ability to connect with each other in the same space, and share the joy of dance and movement, disappeared. The supportive and jovial atmosphere of pushing and learning together at home were limited to what we could do over our online sessions. However, in our homes, we continued to learn and train together. Sweating it out with #NRAattack combined physical conditioning, adding in theory and movement exploration lessons, Video recording our dances down to put up a 'online showcase and production'. These experiences at home differed greatly from how we danced together. When our physical sessions resumed, it was akin to finally coming back to our homes after being locked out for so long. Every dancer looked forward to return to our 'Home' in NP, being in the same space in the studio and dancing next to each other. With our newfound appreciation for our dance interactions and opportunities to create, the NRA dancers hope everyone enjoys #NRACreates as a culmination of our efforts and heartfelt emotions to continue growing and learning, as one NRA.

Duration: 45 Minutes

Click here to watch performance

MNM Poster

Home is where the heart is - Home is what you make of it. Not a physical location (6 May 2021, 7.00pm)

This year, Mighty Nomads will be hosting our first pre-recorded performance -- “Home is where the heart is”. In this performance that will feature all our members, we will be performing an emotional piece that showcases a newfound gratitude for those that are in your life. This piece will show that home is not just a physical location but is what you make of it with the people in your life that you love.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Click here to watch performance

Chinese Dance Club Poster

Passage of Time 《流逝•留失》 (15 May 2021, 7.30pm)

With the four seasons, time may witness anything and everything. Time is visible to us all. Throughout the year, we celebrate, grief and look forward to better things and live our life to the fullest. This year, at the comfort of your home, we invite you to travel with us through the passage of time where we celebrate our sense of belonging, a place we call home.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Click here to watch performance

Japanese Cultural Club Poster

Wonders of Japan (Ngee Ann Edition) (22 May 2021, 6pm)

Our Club’s theme for this year's Art Fiesta is "Wonders of Japan" (Ngee Ann Edition). The term ‘Wonders’ is to the audience, what the Cultural and Festival feel of Japan is like. There will be showcase of our Taiko Division, Taiko drums performance of the pieces, Cosplay Division has a Sing & Dance segment that consists of 2 dances and 2 song. Throughout the entire performance, Cultural Section will be taking over as the emcee, and Comink Section will be drawing the artworks shown throughout the performance. Although the pandemic has seperated our members physcially, home is where the family are! Our members all worked hard online and got together to produce this inter-division production! We hope that you will feel the warmth of our home as you enjoy our show!

Duration: 45 Minutes

Click here to watch performance

English Drama Check Please PosterEnglish Drama I Don't Want To Talk About It Poster

I don't want to talk about it (26 April 2021, 1pm)

Home. A place where we find warmth, comfort, and support from the ones we love the most. Or is it? In this dramedy filled with heart-wrenching and comical moments, Kyle recollects his past as everyone around him (and himself) discover what it means to be a teenager with disconnected parents while exposing the gritty details of adolescence -- things that they can't, won't, and don't want to talk about.

Duration: 45 Minutes

Click here to watch "I Don't Want To Talk About It".

Check Please (27 April 2021, 1pm)

Dating can be hard. Especially when your date happens to be a raging kleptomaniac, or your grandmother's bridge partner, or a mime. All of this in the name of love. As Check Please follows this series of blind dinner dates that couldn't possibly get any worse, the frustration felt by Boy and Girl leads them to unexpectedly find a home to love in each other.

Duration: 45 Minutes

Click here to watch "Check Please"

Chinese Drama Club Poster

《侦·杀》 (30th April & 7th May 2021, 7.00pm)

《侦·杀》is the theme of Chinese Drama’s performance this year and it consists of two captivating stories revolving around the theme. It is the first time Chinese Drama Club has ever tried doing our annual production in the form of a radio drama, but it is how we intend to allow our audiences to feel the love of home and being together with their family and friends. Bringing our audience back to the days where there weren’t televisions, where everyone would gather at home around the radio just to listen for entertainment purposes. We hope that homely feels can be felt as family and friends take some time to all gather around to listen to our performance that we have pre-recorded and forge closer bonds together.

Duration: 1 Hour

Duration: Part 1

Click here to watch performance

《一条绳是关于两个好朋友,她们在玩 “一条绳的游戏” 时慢慢开始彼此不信任。 想要知道此游戏如何导致两者之间的巨大冲突吗?收看一条绳吧! 一条绳 is about two close friends who slowly start to distrust each other and fall out while playing “ a rope game” . Watch to find out how this game has caused such a big conflict between the two! - 【侦相】 贾耀铭,NP大学教授莫名其妙地死在自己的办公室里。警方为了调查真相,派出著名侦查精英,撒瑞和她的助理,彭艺婷来调查此案。她们将嫌疑人锁定在穆姗姗、吴素美、白佳琳、何碧雯和魏乐爱。谁才是杀害贾耀铭的真凶呢? A professor in “NP” University, Jia Yao Ming, was found to be murdered in his own office. The police placed a veteran CID officer, Sherry, and her assistant, Yi Ting, to take charge of the case. There are 5 suspects in this murder case, Mu Shan Shan, Wu Su Mei, Bai Jia Lin, He Bi Wen and Wei Le Ai. Who is the murderer?

Duration: 47min

Duration: Part 2

Click here to watch performance

MCC Poster

Konsert Remedi (22 May 2021, 3.00pm)

KONSERT REMEDI (literal translation as Remedy Concert) is an online concert organised by Ngee Ann Polytechnic Malay Cultural Club which consists of performance items that are fully produced by the club members themselves. The word ‘Remedy’ means healing what is lost. Unfortunately, the arts of the malay culture are slowly dying and we were forced to distance from one another. Thus, we hope that with this concert, it serves as a calling to all our club members and the audience that despite the challenges brought upon us by COVID, there will always be a reason for us to come home to NP and reunite as a club; for it is only possible to revive and celebrate the arts when we are together as one family, one club.

Duration: 1 Hour

Click here to watch performance

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